Through your generous support we have been able to fund the following programs:

$18,500 Check Presented to RVC School District for Sources of Strength Program

RPO Foundation provided and funded the RVC School District with the Sources of Strength Program which provides the highest quality evidence-based prevention for suicide, violence, bullying, and substance abuse by training, supporting, and empowering both peer leaders and caring adults to impact their world through the power of connection, help, and strength.


RPO Foundation Goes To Albany

RPO goes to the State Capital in Albany to bring Awareness to the Suicide Epidemic in the State and nationwide.


RPO Foundation Funds Yoga & Mindfulness Program in 5 Elementary Schools in
Rockville Centre School District Fall 2019

RPO Foundation introduced a 6 week Yoga and Mindfulness Program into Rockville Centre's five elementary schools. It was overwhelmingly successful with attendance at full capacity.

RPO Foundation Supports Hoops for All

Hoops for All, one of Ryan's favorite programs, is a program designed to give children and teenagers with special needs the opportunity to learn about and play basketball, all while bringing the community together.